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Dec. 3rd, 2008 06:58 pm A short update....

beta readers annoy me! Yes, i know that I am one, and yes I love some of the beta readers that I ahve worked with. But, when after accepting one of my stories YOU SIMPLY DO NOT RESPOND and then declare my story as FINISHED on PI, well that just makes me a little bit UPSET. Yes, you know who you are, and I promise to never do that to anyone, because when you wait for three weeks with your pretty new chapter you want a RESPONSE. if you can't handle the beta load, then DON"T ACCEPT THE STORY. So now, the update on L2L is even more behind because of my beta issues. I have a new need for one, anyone interested?

Rant? Check
Update? Check
Pointless Paragraph? Check

My work here is done.

peace out,


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Oct. 23rd, 2008 07:51 pm New One-shot....big surprise.

Hey guys! Sorry for the obnoxiously long wait between updates, but I'm currently working on the next chapters of GB and L2L. I also just completed a one-shot entitled "Obvious" that is in the queue on SIYE and MNFF, so look for that in the next week or so. As for the one-shot, there was a playlist, that is fairly long, that I was listening to while writing and I decided to add the playlists for all the new chapters of each of the other chapters as they come along. Here's the playlist for "Obvious":

Dear Maria, Count Me In -All Time Low
Push - Enrique Iglesias
Hollywood's Not America - Ferras
Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand
I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
Come On Get Higher - Matt Nathanson (song caused the initial plot bunny!)- amazing song
Troublemaker - Weezer
Shattered - OAR
Gives You Hell - All American Rejects
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Bad Girlfriend - Theory of a Deadman
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
A Dios le Pido - Juanes
Light On - David Cook
Six Feet Under the Stars - All Time Low

peace out,


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Jul. 5th, 2008 11:29 am Getting Distracted.....and Busy

Hey guys!  Sorry for the lack of updates on this site and for my stories in general, but things have been really hectic. I've finished half of my summer school courses and my one week break is almost over. Summer school has taken up a majority of my time as it goes from 6:30(I know! so early!) to noon everyday, well except for Saturday and Sunday of course. So, I really haven't had anytime for fanfiction in general. I wrote a drabble fic, You and Me, Anytime, Anywhere, in response to a SIYE Challenge that I just couldn't ignore, so I spent an hour writing it to find out that it didn't fit the challenge guidlines. :( so, I still decided to post the story on both SIYE and MNFF and even though it is not my best piece, I still like the overall idea that sparked me to write it in the first place. Second, this week I have been working on my timeline/outline and editing of Ginny's Battle, including the writing of the next chapter which I sent off to my beta, Pittsy. That should be back by the end of this week, and then up on both sites shortly. Walking Through the Storm has been put temporarily on hold for several reasons. One,t he original plot line I had thought of is very cliched, and well, not the best tha tit could be. So, another couple of hours are needed before I even begin to write it. Second, like I already said, summer school goes till the end of the month and then only two weeks till actual school starts. Finally, I still have my entire entrance piece for my AP english class to write, which is going to take a lot of time, so i think three WIP fics is enough. Wow, that was long, so I hope you enjoyed the new one-shot and the new chapter of Ginny's Battle yet to come!

Peace out,


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Mar. 30th, 2008 04:51 pm Update

So, my spring break was spent being stuck in the Detroit airport for 12 hours, so i had time to write the next chapter in Ginny's Battle. It is off my to my new beta as we speak so that should be updated rather soon. Next to be written is the story outline for the sequel to Standing in the Rain, Walking Through the Storm and then Learning to LIve. Updates should be coming more quickly now that midterms are over(yay!) But come the end of April there will be another lull until summer. Summer updates might be slower because I am being forced to take summer school in order for me to be able to take an AP english class next year (sophmore yay!) 

for now, adios faithful readers

-kel aka MarauderWannabe

p.s. school tomorrow! depressing!!!

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Mar. 12th, 2008 05:53 pm New Stories and Continuing Old Ones

I know, I know, I haven't updated in a while. But I have exciting news for all. One: for those who dont already know, I have begun updating my H/G fics on SIYE a well as MNFF. Two: I have started and added to two new stories(Learning to Live, J/L and Ginny's Battle) Third: 525,600 Minutes is on a break until summer. And finally, the most important news: I have decided to write a sequel to Standing in the Rain in that universe. It will be entitled "Walking Through the Storm" and will take place during Ginny's 6th year (same as GB) but this one will be AU, it will be my version of the 7th book> It will be up by the end of April.

I hope you all luv me!!!

-kel aka MarauderWannabe 

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Nov. 14th, 2007 03:31 pm Done

I'm finally done with the first chapter of L2L! I just sent it away to the mods, so it is in their hands.Now that I have a story in the queue for J/L, an idea cam to me today for an H/G oneshot to the Plain White T's "Come Back To Me". I know, i get sidetracked easily, and often don't finish all of the oneshots that i start/intend on writing. Hopefully this one will make it up, but I won't have time to write it unitl Thanksgiving break, which is a week away. I'm also toying around with ideas for hte next 525,600 Minutes Chapter, so that should be up before the start of December. If I don't post again, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nov. 8th, 2007 03:47 pm Learning to LIve (L2L)

I know, I know, i promised to have L2l up by Halloween, well at least the fist chapter(at the rate the first one is going this is going to be a rather long fic) but complications arose. Firstly, 525,600 Minutes next chapter was not accepted, which i thought it would be, so i had to take time to fix it up. Secondly, my computer crashed, leaving what I had written, lost to cyberspace. Plus, i had to send it away to get it fixed, and i only recently got it back. Finally, midterms came and I am almost failing my Chem class so i had to spend an entire saturday that iw oudl have spent writing, studying balancing equations(i got a B+ by the way). So, now one day of having my computer back, i have rewritten the first half of the first chapter, and i think it turned out better than the first itme. So, i'm guessing another couple days before I'm done writing, though i dont know when it will get up because i stil have not found a beta*hint hint*So if anyone has any suggestions for beta's or would like to beta my story please email me through my author's page on MNFF. 


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Oct. 8th, 2007 02:32 pm Quick Note

Chapter 4: More Wizards In Our Midst was rejected by the mods yesterday, I made the changes and now I resubmitted it. First chapter of Learning to Live(no title for chapter yet) is halfway written and I am in need of a new beta for that so, if you would be interested please tell me. 

'tis all


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Sep. 16th, 2007 08:04 pm New School Year, New Stories

Hey! I'm finally back to writing and it feels amazing! First few weeks of school have been hectic and now im back and able to write almost every day. Well, my new H//G one shot (I Don't Want To Cry) recently got validated so thats up and i changed the end of "Standing In the Rain" and it is now over *tears*. Hopefully I will make a sequel one day, but for now im on to other projects. Right now i am working on the first couple chapters of a new J/L fic called "Learning to Live". I also just sent in the next chapter of "525,600 Minutes" to the mods so that should be up shortly. I have a new idea for a H/G that is occuring during DH, not sure of a title or a definite plot but the first chapter should be up before the holidays. I think thats it..o and i had a J/L and H/G oneshot thats hole idea got shot down by the mods, so im going to send it to my beta to see if she can help me fix it up. Well i will update soon and can't wait for the feedback!


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Aug. 6th, 2007 10:18 am I'm Back...

Hey everyone! I'm back in the flesh from the deep South! I know you guys have missed updates, but I wrote a new chapter of 525,600 Minutes as well as a new one shot songfic of "Everything You Ever Wanted" by Hawk Nelson. I am having some serious writer's block and you can help get me started on Standing in the Rain! Look for my dilemna on my homepage on MNFF! Once I wrote the new one-shot (which is H/G by the way), I realized that the lyrics also have to do with JAMES AND LILY! So now, I am going to write another one-shot using the same song! If you are looking for a spoiler for these two one-shots just look up the lyrics to the AMAZING SONG. So now I will sit in my apartment and not stop writing until I finish it(i may take the occasional glance out at Lake Michigan but thats it!)!!! I swear to you, my loyal reader that I will not go outside and enjoy the beautiful day until this is done! School starts soon, so that may again delay my writing time so I am going to get as much done as I possibly can now!! Maybe i should close my blinds so i can't see the lake which could distract me.....Oh well I guess I should start writing now and get my stories off to Laila  and Georgina so that can help me get up my stories fast. Look for spoilers and excerpts from upcoming chapters!

peace out


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